Here's The First Look At The Mercedes-Benz Private Jet, Which Is As First-Class As It Gets

Image via Mercedes-Benz

German car company Mercedes-Benz is one of the most luxurious brands in the world, so when they announced a partnership last year with the Lufthansa Group to design the most badass, first-class, jaw-dropping airplane on the planet, people with lots of money probably began drooling.

Since neither you nor I have lots of money to afford such a prized possession, the closest any of us will ever get to flying in this thing are these photos, which Mercedes-Benz recently released.

Consisting of five rooms that includes a kitchen, two lounges, a dining room and a master suite, the Mercedes aircraft can also hold 16 passengers and makes anyone who brags about flying first-class seem like a mere peasant. The price of the jet has not yet been released, but something tells me it's not going to come on the cheap after seeing all the bells and whistles included.

H/T BroBible