Here's The Optimal Amount Of Hours You Should Work Per Week To Avoid Getting Dumber (According To New Study)

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Working for "The Man" and trying to climb the corporate ladder is something that every one of us is guilty of doing. Whether we make very little or way too much, it's not uncommon to fill our time with computers and emails. Problem is, a new study shows that all that work might actually be making us dumber.

Research from the University of Melbourne showed that those people who actually put in less hours than the standard, 40-hour workweek are believed to be smarter.

For working hours up to around 25 hours a week, an increase in working hours has a positive impact on cognitive functioning. However, when working hours exceed 25 hours per week, an increase in working hours has a negative impact on cognition. Interestingly, there is no statistical difference in the effects of working hours on cognitive functioning between men and women.

So, this is actually pretty good news, right? I mean, doesn't it make you want to go to your boss and remind him/her that you need some fresh air every once in a while and that the daily grind is actually making you do your job worse? It should—because I'm about to do that.

The study examined the impact of working hours on the cognitive ability of middle-aged and older aged males and females living in Australia using the HILDA Survey dataset—which focuses on a person's working hours per week compared to the optimal working hours for those people.

Bottom line is this: based off of this study, humans are smarter—and less stressed—while working something resembling 25 hours a week, as working too much can have "adverse effects on cognitive functioning."

Looks like it's time for a little hooky for the rest of the year, don't you think?

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