Here's The Real Reason Why Some Women Make So Much Noise During Sex

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It's one of the things that every man, and some women, are meant to believe—loud sex always equals better sex. While some of us may claim that to be true, that's not always the case, as many times both sexes put on a show for the sole purpose of this misconception.

Sure, it's amazing to think your studly ways are the reason she's yelling your name and moaning loudly, but science has discovered there's a real reason why she's doing it—and it's actually opposite what men hope for, per CNN.

In 2011, Gayle Brewer of the University of Central Lancashire and Colin Hendrie of the University of Leeds published their research on the topic -- technically known as "copulatory vocalization" -- in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.

In the study, they asked 71 sexually active heterosexual women between ages 18 and 48 for more details about vocalization during sex. The researchers found that many of the women did make noise, but not necessarily while they were having an orgasm. Instead, 66% said that they moaned to speed up their partner's climax, and 87% stated that they vocalized during sex to boost his self-esteem.

Well, that's certainly a bummer, isn't it?

According to the research, women are moaning in an attempt to speed things up, trying to get you off faster because, let's face it, they know it's going to work.

Here's more info from the aforementioned CNN story that researchers discovered:

"While female orgasms were most commonly experienced during foreplay, copulatory vocalizations were reported to be made most often before and simultaneously with male ejaculation," the researchers wrote. Women also reported making noise to relieve boredom, fatigue and pain/discomfort during sex.

Of course, when women fake an orgasm, it will most likely signal to their partner that he's doing everything right, ignoring the fact that she really just wants to get things over with because he's not hitting the right spots.

As for making noise in the sack, sex educator Logan Levkoff gave this advice for the CNN piece:

"Women understand that moaning is a turn-on for guys, and many women ultimately enjoy it because they've made an effort to push a little beyond what comes naturally."

"But sexual self-esteem is a two-way street, and, for their part during sex, guys should aim for more than a single grunt at the end. It's not about faking or doing something you don't want to, but more about being sexually present and in sync with each other."

So, whether it's meant to turn you on, get you off faster or because it's actually a natural reaction, making noise can never be a bad thing when getting down and dirty.


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