Here's The Secret To Unlocking Every Single Character On 'Super Mario Run'

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According to The Verge, Nintendo's new mobile video game, Super Mario Run, was downloaded 2.85 million times on its release day, December 15th. And while the game is free to download, paying the $9.99 asking price is the only way to even have the chance to play with the five unlockable characters.

While Mario is the main character, others like Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Toadette and Yoshi can be unlocked, too, with each providing a unique skill for the gamer.

Thanks to Gamespot, we now know how to unlock those additional characters—and it's really quite easy.

To unlock Toad, all one has to do is link a "My Nintendo" account to Super Mario Run. As for the others, well, that's going to take some skill on the gamers part, as Peach can only be unlocked by finishing the game's 24 World Tour levels, while Yoshi, Toadette and Luigi are only available by purchasing certain items in the Kingdom Builder mode during game-play.

Just like that, you've got yourself all the Nintendo characters offered in the game, so go forth and get them for yourself, guys!

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