Here's What Your Poop Can Actually Tell You About Your Health

Everybody poops, but we never really talk about poop—OK, we still do, but only when we're being really immature and in the company of people we're comfortable with.

As funny as poop might be, it's actually important to understand how it can affect your health, as the color and texture may mean different things about what's going on inside of you. That's why Healthline.com polled 2,000 people to see what their poop may be telling them about their digestive health, giving them some tips on what too look for.

And because we all worry about where we actually pop a squat, here's how people responded when asked about their comfortable spot.

Lastly, if you think you might have a problem with going too much or not enough, it might be best to compare yourself to what those surveyed said.

This might be stinky info for some of you—as well as humorous—but it's important to know this type of stuff for digestive health.

All data courtesy of Healthline.com.

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