Your Sleeping Position Reveals A Hell Of A Lot About Your Personality... Who Knew?!?

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As someone who, for years, has always slept on his side, I've recently been finding myself tossing over and falling asleep on my side in order to get a good night's rest. I never knew why or when it started, but, alas, I'm not one of those weirdos who looks like I'm lying in a coffin as I catch some Zzz's.

That got me thinking about what that might mean, which is why I headed over to Facts Verse's YouTube, which revealed some interesting things about different sleep positions.


According to the video, it seems like I'm just about the most chill person on the planet, often able to take things in stride without getting too stressed out or concerned. Seems about right, I suppose, so here's to moving from sleeping on my side to the more relaxed sleeping on my back!

Facts Verse YouTube

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