Here's Why Delivery Pizza Comes With That Little Plastic Table In The Middle Of It

Image via Viral Thread

It's one of life's great mysteries—why in the hell is there a little plastic table-looking thing in the middle of your delivery pizza. If you're like me, you've definitely asked yourself that. Turns out that, yep, there really is a reason for it.

According to This Is Insider, the rationale is simple, really—it's in place to prevent your pizza from sticking to the cheese in the center of the pizza. Because nothing would be worse than this!

Could you imagine if, after craving nothing more than a hot, cheesy, saucy pizza all day long, and then waiting 45 minutes for it to be delivered to you, the damn pie showed up missing the middle?

So, who do we have to thank for saving our pizzas from becoming a cheesy, cardboard mess? According to This Is Insider, it's some lady named Carmela Vitale, who came up with the idea in 1983—submitting a patent for what she called a "package saver"—and, in 1985, having that patent be approved at the ripe old age of 48. There's not much to the story other than that—but, really, does anyone care? We get to enjoy our pizza slices without missing the cheese from the middle.

For her idea, I'd like to personally thanks Ms. Vitale.

H/T This Is Insider