Here's Why You Should Avoid Lining Toilet Seats With Toilet Paper From Now On

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If you're like most people who walk into a public restroom, there's a good chance you have the routine of lying down ripped toilet paper onto the seat to protect your ass from all those germs you think are there, right? If so, according to research, you're doing it all wrong.

That's because a new article from The Sun reveals that health experts actually think it could do more harm than good to line the seat with toilet paper, making the pooper more susceptible to diseases than just going bare butt.

In fact you’re better off not putting anything down on the seat at all, whether it be toilet paper or one of those handy paper seat covers.

That’s because toilet seats are made from materials that prevent bacteria from spreading in the first place.

Dr William Schaffer, a professor of preventative medicine, told the Huffington Post: “That’s because toilet seats are not a vehicle for the transmission of any infectious agents – you won’t catch anything.”

So where are all the germs in the bathroom if they aren’t on the seat? You guessed it – they’re on the toilet paper.

I mean, I guess that makes plenty of sense, right? There aren't too many people out there who are rubbing their dirty butts all over the seat they're sitting on at that moment, instead using their dirty hands to take way-too-much TP to wipe—with those hands filled with spreadable germs.

The story from The Sun continues to describe why the toilet paper guard is a bad idea:

Lots of those germs end up on the absorbent toilet paper roll, so when you place it on the seat you’re sitting down right on top of them.

It’s not the first time the unexpected has been dirtier than a toilet seat, with your computer keyboard being 20,000 filthier.

Also, our skin provides enough protection to keep our bodies safe from whatever is lurking in and around the toilet.

So what's the best defense? Well, besides bringing in your own toilet paper to wipe, just make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after going No. 2—which should be a no-brainer already. Oh, and when using a public restroom, the best advice is to hover over the seat to avoid contact, just be careful you're aimed in the right place.

H/T The Sun