These 10 Hidden Images In Popular Logos Are Trippy AF (Video)

Image Via CNBC

I'm not exactly what you'd consider a crazy conspiracy theorist. I never really believed in subliminal messaging as a marketing tool—it just seemed too "big brother is watching" for me to really want to think about. Well, after this video, I will admit I was very very wrong. These business are sneaaaakkkky. I was a fool trusting them! I know I'm being dramatic, just let me soak in the betrayal a bit, will ya please?

Whether or not the imagery actually works on a subconscious level is besides the point! It does not seem okay to use tactics of mind-fuckery to get a person to buy your product—then again I write for the internet, so am I really allowed to be throwing these stones? You don't have to answer that.

The popular brands include—

To be fair, I don't believe all of these brands are trying to exploit/pull an inception on their consumers, just some of them. I think others were trying to keep things interesting on a design level. Take FedEx for example, they didn't do anything too deceptive! We're just idiots for not noticing it all these years—which wouldn't be the first time humans have been a little slow on the uptake, amirite?

I actually went to go Google the question, "Why do companies hide images in their logos?" But as soon as began typing "hide" the autofill feature kicked in to read—losses, debts, and failures. It was actually pretty depressing. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, I guess hiding an image in a logo is far less douchey than the alternatives. Still, down with corporate America! Oh, and check out the video, it's a trip!

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