This Crazy High School Football Touchdown Looks Like A Real Life 'Madden' Glitch And We Can't Stop Laughing

Image Via Twitter/BleacherReport

We've written quite a bit about Madden glitches throughout the years and frankly, we can't get enough of them! They're freakin' hilarious! Sure, they can be bothersome and mess with the quality of the game, but whatever — laughter is life's best medicine. Write that down. Plus, we tend to imagine that the game developers are hammered when they're writing the code which uh, sounds like the best job ever.

Anyway, after perusing through Twitter we came across this insane tweet from Bleacher Report and couldn't believe our eyes! It literally looks like a real life Madden glitch. We'd be pretty hard pressed to find someone capable of watching this clip without bursting into laughter. Teenage athletes man, gotta love their spirit! Take a look —



That was PURE luck, there wasn't a single ounce of skill being utilized on either side of that field. Are you even allowed to hold someone by the jersey like that in Football? I don't think so! How about spin them around senselessly until they fall? Yeah, definitely not. Hey! It all seemed to workout though. That touchdown was aces — seriously, I hope the QB uses it for his college admission tapes. Hell, I'd write my entry essay about it if I were him — "That Time I Realized Life Is Entirely About Luck And Not Skill". It's important that the youth learns these things early on, you know?

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