Michael Jackson And John Lennon Among The Top 10 Highest-Paid Dead Celebrities Of 2017

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We're not exactly sure if we believe in life after death, but after seeing what the highest-paid dead celebrities of 2017 make, we definitely believe in royalty checks after death. Of course, that wasn't meant to be morbid — it's just the facts! Even in death, these musicians, authors, actors, scientists and even cartoonists manage to draw a higher yearly "salary" than most of the living...and rightfully so! This list is easily compromised of some of the most influential people in the last one hundred years.

Many of the names have remained the same since the highest-paid dead celebrities of 2016 was released. Granted, the figures have gone down a bit. For instance, the legendary John Lennon ranked eighth last year at $12 million. This year he ranks ninth at $9 million. Frankly speaking, being our favorite Beatle, there's really no amount of money that will comfort his fans, but we suppose it's nice to know that even in death his family and legacy is being properly honored.

Top 10 Highest-Paid Dead Celebrities, 2017

10. Albert Einstein — $10 Million

9. John Lennon — $9 Million

8. Dr. Seuss — $16 Million

7. Prince — $18 Million

6. Tom Petty — $20 Million

5. Bob Marley — $23 Million

4. Elvis Presley — $35 Million

3. Charles Schulz — $38 Million

2. Arnold Palmer — $40 Million

1. Michael Jackson — $75 Million

Of course, The King of Pop still reigns supreme at number one. This time last year, Michael ranked at number one with $825 million. It was the single largest money-year the late singer had ever received, alive or dead. Again, it may seem ridiculous to some of you that these celebrities are still making more money than humanly imaginable, but that's what happens when the imprint you leave on the world is ever-lasting.


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