Hilarious 'Madden' Glitch Shows The Most Ridiculous Interception In NFL History

Image via Instagram/houseofhighlights

One of the most popular, and addicting, video games ever is the Madden series, which is supposed to be the most real-life simulation of NFL football. The key word there? Supposed. That's because, unfortunately — and hilariously — we've seen more than just a few glitches that have made their way into the video game, which always serve as a reminder that the gameplay will never be 100 percent accurate.

And, while we've seen crazy things happen because of the game — like the Madden Curse, which is believed to either injure the NFL player who dons the cover each year or have their play decline — the Madden glitches are even crazier. Like, could any of us imagine these happening in real life? Probably not, but they're great when playing a video game.


For instance, just check out this ridiculous interception glitch — which is sure to cause some heavy cursing!

We've all heard of the Immaculate Reception — which deflected into former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Franco Harris' hands during a 1972 playoff game versus the Oakland Raiders — but this one makes that look like something normal. Just look at how this ball ricochets an insane 25 yards backwards and into the arms of a defender, who returns it for a pick six. Just brutal if you're the one getting burned on a play like that. We have a hunch that the gamer tossed his/her controller through the wall after seeing this go down.

Damn, these Madden glitches always get us, guys. Sadly, this might just one of the worst ever, though. Go home, Madden developers, you most definitely are drunk with this kind of stuff going on!


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