Holy Hilary Duff! Former Disney Star Is Rocking Some Serious Bootay

I'm going to keep it straight with you guys—when I first saw this side-shot of Hilary Duff I thought it was one of The Kardashians, specifically Khloe or Kim. Of course, despite your feelings about that particular family, if one thing is certain, they have some serious AMPLE behinds (real or fake, what difference does it make?)

Now, Ms. Duff has always been a beautiful woman. Even back in her Disney Channel Lizzie McGuire days she was cute AF. I just wasn't anticipating a glow up quite this hard. Seriously, her body is IN-CRED-IBLE. Not only does she look perfectly curvy and feminine but also really fit. Her body is like the ultimate trifecta.

The real selling point is that while the bikini pic below is BONKERS, it's really the pictures of Duff wearing dresses that showcase her curves to the utmost. That's the true testament of a sexy woman, even covered up they still have the ability to make us drool.

We know you guys are going to reallllly enjoy these! Let's all toast to the comeback of Hilary Duff and hope that her and her beautiful bottom are here to stay! Cheers!

Lead Image Via Getty

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