Hitler's Veins Were So Wrecked From Meth And Cocaine That Needles 'Could Hardly Penetrate Them,' Says New Book

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It goes without saying that Adolf Hitler was, without a doubt, one of the most evil human beings ever, with some believing that he was responsible for more than 20,000,000 people due to his dictatorship during the '30s and '40s.

But a new book titled "Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich,” details the raging drug abuse of heroine and cocaine that the Nazi leader was often partaking in, with the author of the book, Norman Ohler, even saying that his skin "actually made a crunching noise" when Hitler's personal physician tried to penetrate them, via New York Post.

In one of the book’s most harrowing scenes, author Norman Ohler describes how “Hitler’s veins were so wrecked” by late 1944 that even his personal physician “could hardly penetrate them.”

When he finally did manage to break the skin, “it actually made a crunching noise.”

The book not only discusses Hitler's insane use of things like meth, cocaine and opiates, but also the entire German military, with Ohler, who studied hundreds of German federal archives, discovering that, at one point, the German military ordered 35 million doses of Pervitin for soldiers—which is a pill form of meth that carries side effects like feelings of invincibility, power, and the ability to go weeks without sleeping.

But, back to the Fuehrer, who saw his personal physician inject him with a crazy concoction of drugs to help relieve the stress and anxiety of the war. Seriously, seeing how the New York Post piece describe it, how did Hitler not die every single day?

It began in 1941 with injections of steroids and animal hormones to help with his dwindling energy and digestive problems. But as the war became more stressful and victory less certain, he needed a bigger kick. He was losing the charisma and unwavering self-belief that made him such a powerful leader.

Hitler’s personal physician, Theodor Morell, was willing to inject just about anything into Hitler’s veins if it got the Fuhrer to smile.

Morell slowly started adding ingredients to his daily injections — Hitler got his first taste of oxycodone before a big meeting with Benito Mussolini — and Hitler eventually began to depend on the “heightened feeling(s) that corresponded so perfectly to his own image of greatness — and that reality no longer supplied,” Ohler writes.

Maybe even more frightening is this, during about a four-year span, Norman Ohler said that Hitler didn't have a sober day.

"Between the autumn of 1941, when he started being given hormone and steroid injections, and the second half of 1944, Hitler hardly enjoyed a sober day.”

The entire story is fascinating, terrifying and only adds to the hatred of Hitler that nearly everyone has, understanding that the man killed millions of people while, seemingly, in an altered state of mind that only a homeless junkie could relate to.

You can see the full story over at the NYPost's website.

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