Holding In Your Pee Causes Some F'ed Up Things In Your Body

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We guess we can understand the concept of holding in your pee as a child, but, an adult? Come on, people. What possible excuse could you have for not going to the bathroom when nature calls? Even if your boss is in the middle of promoting you, you say, "Excuse me" and do your business. Nothing is so important that you should have to sit there in discomfort.

We're sure you're thinking, "Relax, it's only a little pee!" Well, perhaps after you see the health consequences of holding in your pee, you'll start to change your tune. The video below will explain pretty freakin' clearly the many reasons you shouldn't wait to relieve yourself — no, not that kind of relieve yourself, pervert.

As we said above, we're going to go ahead and reiterate some of these consequences.. Sometimes it takes repetition to properly scare the crap out of people — or should we say urine? Sorry, that was corny.

What Happens When You Hold Your Pee In?

In other words, guys, go to the F'in bathroom. If you're in your car, pull over. If you're in bed, get up. If you're at work, take a break. It's urine — it's not meant to live in your body, so, don't keep it there. P.S. Don't forget how lucky men are! They can logistically pee anywhere, just don't get arrested, OK?

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