WinIt Wednesday: These 6 Christmas Gift Guide Giveaways Aren’t Going To Win Themselves, Fellas

There are holiday gift guides that want you to buy stuff — like our best gear and our best tech gifts for this year — and then there are holiday gift guides that want you to win stuff! We’re here to tell you about the winning kind. The kind with plenty of prizes to keep for yourself, give to your lady friend, or be really nice and hand it over to your dear old (we mean, young-looking) mom.

Sound cool to you? Of course it does, who doesn't like (potentially) winning stuff? Read on to see which holiday gift guide giveaways we think you’ll go Christmas crazy for — and enter them all now if you know what’s good for you, ya filthy animal!

Win an Octane Fitness® Q35 Elliptical Machine HERE!

Finally lose those stubborn 10 pounds you’ve held on to since last year with a new elliptical machine that you’ll try your hardest not to turn into a glorified dumping ground. This one is programmed with Body-Mapping Ergonomics™, which ensures proper alignment with minimal stress on the joints. No more excuses!

Win a Hoover Rogue™ 970 Robot Vacuum HERE!

Just tell us someone you know who wouldn’t want a robot for Christmas! This smart vacuum actually remembers your floor plan so it won’t wind up falling off the staircase like a spazz! Plus, it can detect where there’s the most dirt in any room. Gross? How about awesome!

Win a Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone from Sprint HERE!

If you can’t afford a post-holiday trip to some resort with a sexy infinity pool, opt for a new smartphone instead with an infinity screen! Sounds like a solid trade-off! The Samsung Galaxy S8 provides superior color, contrast, and brightness so you can scroll through the best photos of infinity pools Instagram has to offer. #blessed

Win an iHome Color-Changing Bluetooth Speaker HERE!

The next time people want to hear your playlist at a party, distract them with lights from this color-changing bluetooth speaker — they might (just might) ignore the fact that there’s a pop song from a Disney Channel teen star in there somewhere. Look, a blue light!

Win a Man Crates Morning Glory Crate and a Pizza Grilling Crate HERE!

Two crates for the price of nada! Guys and gals won’t be able to keep these crates closed for too long. They’re loaded with all the ingredients and tools needed for an awesome breakfast and a delicious pizza party. Ideal for a lazy winter’s day spent nursing a hangover and watching something like Hey Arnold! re-runs; or maybe that's just us?

Win a Justice League-themed $50 Fandango Gift Card HERE!

Whether you like to go to the movies alone or still think it’s the ultimate first date location, snatch a $50 Fandango Gift Card and catch all the latest films worth complaining or raving about. Let's face it, Netflix and chill isn't the only way to watch your favorite flicks.

Want to win even more? Check out the entire Holiday Gift Guide filled with 12 Holly Jolly Giveaways! Enter for a chance to win one, two, ALL of the giveaways and use your winnings as gifts this year for mom, dad, girlfriend, or best bud without having to drain your bank account. And the best part? If you win, you’ll receive your prize(s) right before Christmas. Enter now and often until December 7, 2017.

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