Homemade Pool Table With Bluetooth Speakers And LED Lights Is Every Man's Dream

Image via Cam King

There are a lot of amazing DIY projects that people have the skills to put together, but one of the coolest we've seen is this homemade pool table that has built-in bluetooth speakers and LED lights on it—making it the ultimate billiard table for a man cave.

Submitted to our Facebook page by a reader named Cam King, this puppy also boasts a voltmeter and a phone holder, which is paired with two, deep cycle batteries inside the table.

Put together by Cam for a class project, the pool table includes a four channel amplifier with four 6x9 speakers and LED lights beneath the frame.

There are a lot of awesome projects out there—especially when you look at crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and such—but Cam's homemade pool table is one that we really wish would be available for purchase, because it's amazing.

The fact that it's a slate top table only makes it that much better—so where can we get one, Cam?

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