Couple Contracts Nasty Hookworm Infection From Walking Barefoot On The Beach (Graphic Images)

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This should go without saying, but, be prepared to be grossed out, guys. Hookworms are no joke and after you get a load of these images, we suspect you'll be spending Summer 2018 rocking a serious pair of water shoes. Can you imagine sharing a nice romantic stroll on the beach with your partner only to break out in bumps and blisters days later — talk about a serious mood killer. Katie Stephens and her boyfriend, Eddie Zytner, were vacationing in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic when they apparently contracted a nasty case of larva migrans (hookworms) — just from walking on the beach!

Below, Katie shared her experience on Facebook, warning other vacation goers to get checked out immediately if they suspect something is wrong! Remember, even a bug bite in other parts of the world can lead to serious health consequences. We know it's hard to think clearly after all those piña coladas, but it's better to be safe than sorry! Warning: the images below are graphic.

Eddie explained to CTVnews.ca that he thought the itchiness was a result of sand fleas — an issue he had heard a lot about before heading to Punta Cana. After the couple returned home, they both realized their symptoms were too extreme for that, particularly the swelling. Eventually, after visiting the hospital, it was confirmed that they contracted hookworms.

Similar to any parasitic infection, there's concern for spreading to other areas of the body. According to sources from Women's Health, they can move from someone’s skin into their lungs and intestines, causing stomach and chest pain and anemia. Word to the wise: if you're vacationing to tropical areas with poor sanitation (i.e. resort-style beaches) be sure to limit direct contact with sand. We realize water shoes are lame, but it's better than hookworms!


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