Meet Chelsea Morgensen, The Winner Of This Year's Hooters Swimsuit Pageant (Which We TOTALLY Agree With)

Here at FHM we love introducing ya'll to new beauties and Chelsea Morgensen is certainly no exception! Turns out, the Hooters swimsuit pageant judges agree! According to The Las Vegas Review Journal

"Chelsea Morgensen of Hollywood, California, won last night’s (July 12) 21st anniversary Hooters International swimsuit pageant competing against 80 worldwide contestants held at the Pearl Theater in the Palms."

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Well, first and foremost, congratulations, Chelsea! We definitely have no complaints about your new title! In fact, if given the chance, I'm sure we would have made the very same decision! The Hollywood, California beauty is a bit of mystery to us! Sure, she took the Hooters pageant win, but we want to know more! Call us crazy, but we actually enjoy learning about a lady we like! Ya'll should try it! It's probably why you can't get past the first date!

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That being said, we did a little digging! Thank God for the internet, right?

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