Horrifying Video Shows How Gummy Candies Are Really Made And, Welp, I'll Never Eat Another Sour Patch Kid

Image via Vimeo

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Remember when we showed you that video of a McDonald's Big Mac getting sulfuric acid poured over it, with the outcome being really disgusting? Turns out that's not the only time we're going to ruin something tasty for you.

That's because everyone's favorite childhood sweet, gummy candies, just got a horrifying video showing how they're made and, oh my god, I can't even watch.

Over eten - De weg van een snoepje from Eén on Vimeo.

Put together by Belgian filmmaker Alina Kneepkens, the video shows a reverse process of the gummy candies, going from finished product to the grim truth about where they come from—namely slaughtered pigs. So the next time you're at a convenient store and are torn between some gummies and a Snickers, you may want to opt for the chocolate.

H/T Unilad