Hot Blonde Randomly Discovers That Someone's Using Her Body To Catfish Other People Online

Guys, meet Jessica Hunt, a 20-something from just outside London that, without a doubt, is an absolute stunner. In fact, Jessica's so much of a stunner that some random stranger wanted to "use" her body as their own, replacing her face with something else as part of a catfish scheme.

And, thanks to the Internet, Jessica was able to randomly come across the photoshopped image herself, tweeting this when she saw that doctored pic.

On the positive side, Jessica Hunt had a small sense of humor about it, poking fun at how "silly" the catfish game has gotten. On the negative side, WTF? Who goes to this great of length to try and fool another person? Someone a little messed up in the head, that's who.

There's no telling where the fake Jessica photo is being used—presumably on dating sites—but, hopefully, no one falls for it and thinks that they've just matched with a perfect 10 when, in actuality, it's someone just playing a prank.

Naturally, some of the reactions to the photoshopped pic online are pretty interesting.

With over 89,000 Instagram followers, the real Jessica Hunt has already captured the hearts of the Internet, so here are a few more pics to see for yourself what she really looks like so you don't fall for the duped one.


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