These 16 Women Who Nail The Sexy Cheerleader Look Give Us A Whole Lotta Spirit

To clarify, a lot of the women we're featuring today pull off the hot cheerleader look because they are, in fact, hot cheerleaders. You know, it's not easy to find pictures of celebrities and models just walking around in short skirts carrying pompoms — although, we pulled through with some of that too (you're welcome). Cheerleaders are just a special breed of human. They're perky, well-coordinated, and look fantastic in all things glittered. Believe us, pulling off glitter is no easy feat.

A few of the ladies below are genuine NFL and college football cheerleaders — they're the freakin' professionals! Sure, football is entertaining, but we've never seen any of those dudes throw another person into the air and catch them without skipping a beat. We have seen them fumble a ball though, psh. You tell us who's more talented? Don't worry, we'll wait.

No, in all seriousness — cheerleading is most definitely a sport. Yes, we realize we're here to talk about hot cheerleaders, not the authenticity of the athleticism, but...deal with it. Just trying to show a little respect for these fine ladies. Speaking of fine ladies. Remember when we said we threw in a couple celebrity cheerleading pictures? Yeah, well, how does Megan Fox dressed as a cheerleader sound? How about Katy Perry dressed as a cheerleader?

Ah, and how could we forget the always sexy Bella Thorne absolutely nailing the cheerleader look in her latest Netflix hit, The Babysitter? There's a lot of cheerleader wealth to be had here, guys!

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