The Hottest Celebrity And Model Halloween Costumes We Could Find

Would it even be a true FHM Halloween celebration without a little hot Halloween costume action? Nope! We didn't think so. To not compile this list for y'all would be shunning or civic duty as supporters of all things sexy and frankly, we just aren't wiling to give up that responsibility yet (or ever, for that matter).

This year, we decided to bare our gifts a little early! We know Halloween is tomorrow, but that didn't stop a ton of hot celebrities and sexy models from donning their costumes this weekend — aptly coined "Halloweekend". Seriously, ALL of our favorite ladies stepped out looking fan-freakin'-tastic. From Demi Lovato and Lindsey Pelas to Ariel Winter and Emily Ratajkowski, these 45 Halloween costumes are sure to knock your pumpkin-themed socks right off! If you don't have a pair of pumpkin socks...well, you should most likely reevaluate your life ASAP.

Moving forward, we know 45 is a pretty hefty gallery, but we have the utmost faith in your guys. If we're speaking candidly, we pulled so many pictures for our own selfish reasons. We couldn't possibly have chosen a top 20, or even worse, a top 10. There are just too many stunning options. Like c'mon, how are we supposed to decided whether Rita Ora dressed as Poison Ivy is hotter than Paris Hilton dressed as a devil?! It's just too much pressure.

Plus, as we've mentioned on numerous occasions, we're not in the business of pitting women against one another. If there's one thing we can agree on, it's that ALL these women absolutely nailed their costumes and we hope that they'll continue to embrace the Halloween spirit all through tomorrow. Oh goody, can you imagine?! Even more sexy costumes — whoever doesn't agree that Halloween is the best holiday EV-ER is a real moron.


Lead image via Getty.

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