Avital Cohen Is Being Dubbed The "Israeli Jen Selter" And It's Not Too Difficult Understanding Why

You've really got to love the Internet, right? Not only does it give us an abundance of hot Instagram models to follow and absolutely crush on for, well, eternity, but it also gives us ladies like Avital Cohen, who is being dubbed as the "Israeli Jen Selter" thanks to her familiar figure and insane derriere!

A 21-year-old fitness model, Avital has taken the Internet by storm thanks to her sexy belfies while at the gym or in front of a mirror all dolled up. And, because we really enjoy the fact that Jen Selter is one of the sexiest women in the world, it wasn't too difficult to write about Avital Cohen, who could legit be her twin.


Already surpassing 899,000 followers, it's clear that the hot Instagram photos and videos that Avital posts are turning heads and getting plenty of attention from people. But, c'mon, when you've got a pretty gal who has sex appeal oozing out of her, that's generally what's going to happen. And, we'd hedge a guess, that no one is complaining about such a thing, because it makes men all around the world smile.

Other than what we've already told you about Avital Cohen, there's not much else out there. Maybe that'll change after she gets word about this article, though, and we get a chance to snag a Q&A with her just to know more about her. Hey, a boy can dream, right?!? Check out the pics of her below and see why your Monday is about to be so much better.


Lead image via Instagram/avital_cohen5.

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