Kindly Myers On How To Flirt With Your Bartender, Signs You Have A Chance And Stories Of Those Who Failed

We all know that drinking alone isn't as fun as going out and having fun with buddies at the bar. And, because your local watering hole is a prime place to meet women, we spoke with hot Instagram model and bartender Kindly Myers, who works at one of the most popular drinking spots in Nashville, TN.

As we recently mentioned when we first came across Kindly's hot Instagram account, the gal is an obvious stunner, often posting pics and videos for her more than 820,000 followers to (presumably) drool over. And, after ordering a few drinks from her ourselves while in Nashville over the holidays, we can tell you that she's just as cool in person as she is pretty in her pics.


With Kindly Myers' experience slinging drinks at the bar, we just had to pick her brain on how guys can be successful in, not just meeting women while there, but also on how to be more successful. Oh, and, naturally, if she's ever been charmed by a customer as she was working. Here's what she had to tell us.

FHM: You Work At One Of The Most Iconic Bars In Downtown Nashville, What's The Best Part About The Gig?

Kindly Myers: "One of the best things about working there is that I get to meet so many people from all over the world. Every day is different, so I never get bored."

FHM: You've Got To Get Hit On All The Time, Right?

Kindly Myers: "Not as much as you'd think. Sometimes, I think I just put off the vibe that I’m not interested in flirting. I’m here to work!"

FHM: As A Bartender, Any Tell-Tale Signs That You Can Spot To Tell The Guy Has ZERO Chance With His Attempts?

Kindly Myers: "If you’re buying her, and all of her friends, drinks, they’re probably just using you. So be careful of dropping lots of cash on those types of ladies, guys."

FHM: For A First Date, What's The Best And Worst Drink Choice For A Guy To Order? No One Likes A Sloppy Steve.

Kindly Myers: "Please don’t order Jagerbombs, that never ends well! Best choice, well, anything you confidently order. I hate when a man walks up to the bar and doesn’t know what to order. You’re a grown man, dude, you should know what you like to drink. Oh, and never start your order with, 'Whatever's cheapest,' that's an instant turnoff."

FHM: Seeing As How You Work Around Drunk Dudes All Night, Any Funny/Embarrassing Stories Of Guys Flirting With You?

Kindly Myers: "All of the guys trying to flirt with bartenders are funny. More than likely, we're sober and not interested. Stick to picking up ladies who are out having fun like you, not the ones who are working and slinging drinks."

FHM: Any Guys Ever Snag A Number Or, Even Luckier, A Date With You?

Kindly Myers: "I've been bartending for quite some time, and, I have to say, it has never happened. Sorry, guys, I’ve never dated a customer."

Lead image via Kenny Roland, with several other images provided by Joe Damaso and Joel Flora.

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