Model Tracy Lear Tells Us How (And When) She Feels Sexiest During The Winter

We're pretty lucky to get the chance to talk to hot Instagram models on the reg, guys. We know that's something we say over and over, but, c'mon, the fact that we get paid to meet beautiful women and get their advice from things like dating to fitness tips is pretty awesome. We're not bragging, are we? Hope not, but, OK, maybe just a little bit.

One of the ladies we recently talked with is the gorgeous Tracy Lear, who was born and raised in Kentucky, so you know she's brought all sorts of southern hospitality when we talked with her. And, with the winter in full effect and all of us struggling to get through it, Tracy wanted to help keep spirits high, revealing to us how (and when) she feels the sexiest during these colder months.


Look, the winter can bring seasonal depression that comes from looking in the mirror and realizing that no woman would ever want to glance at you. But, fear not, fellas, because even pretty women like Tracy Lear can get down in the dumps; just not for as long. And, because she wants us all to be our best selves, here's what the hot Instagram model had to tell us to survive the winter and do just that!

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more difficult than feeling super sexy when the weather starts feeling like you’re sitting around in an ice box, especially when you’re always forced to wear a puffy jacket or bundle up under a blanket. However, don’t fret, because being sexy during the winter is easy, and, since I’ve made a plan for myself over the years, I figured I had to share my sexy winter moments with my fans.

Feeling sexy starts with yourself!! The first thing I put on is a good “foundation” like moisturizer to get the skin glowing, then, of course, make sure I toss a little something in my hair.

Now that I’ve got a good base, I personally prefer putting on something with lace or sheer that I put on right after I moisture up. A fun pair of stockings is always a nice extra add on for me, too. Picking colors that I feel sexy always seems to do wonders for my mood and self-confidence. It may not appear sexy at first, but beneath the jacket, sweater or hoodie is a sexy bombshell, so you need to remember that. And, if you have that special someone, it will be that much more entertaining to light up the fireplace and take off the layers for a nice, hot, sexy surprise. I have my Dog Jax, no one gives better kisses than he does.

Now what to do after you feel like you at least look sexy.

Even though it’s cold outside, there are plenty of things to do inside! I love to cuddle up and catch a new series on Netflix — it’s perfect for me, whether it’s my dog or someone special!

I also find myself having my girl squad over for some TV time, too, mkaing cocktails and talking about all the guys that either didn’t stand a chance, or complain about the ones that totally messed it up for themselves. Oh, and Taco Tuesday? Yeah, guys, it’s my favorite. It’s a perfect night to eat delicious food and, of course, drink my favorite tequila, Decada.

So, basically, along with my “foundation” piece making me feel sexy and my planned get togethers with my girlfriends, I make it a huge point to eat healthy and also stay active in the gym as well. I throw on a sexy sports bra and panties underneath my T-shirt and hoodie, and just focus on me to survive the winter! Nothing will feel better to you than feeling sexy about yourself and your body. And it’s a perfect opportunity to get some extra time in before bikini season is in full effect.

Lastly, I always remember and I remind all of my loves that feeling sexy starts with you and how you feel about yourself, so work on that as much as possible. It’s a mentality more than a look most of the time.

All images photographed by Ryan Dwyer and produced by Mainstreet Productions.

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