9 Women Named Summer Who Will Help You Forget All About Those Winter Blues

Man, can you guys believe it's only the second week of January? Sigh, what is it about the Winter months following the holidays that just seem to drag on and on? Short of inventing a time machine, we've brainstormed a couple of solid ideas to bring some Summer cheer to our readers. For starters, y'all can hop on a plane to somewhere warm and tropical! That would definitely alleviate the blistering cold, Winter weight, and total boredom. That being said, vacations can get a little pricey and not everyone has that kind of cash! That's where our Plan B comes into play! We put together a crazy-sexy gallery of hot Instagram models named Summer. It might not be a beach in Tahiti, but it's just as sweltering! Go ahead and take a look at the video below! We'll follow up afterward with some gallery action!

See what we're saying? Next time you're standing out in those Winter winds, go ahead and bust out that video and you'll be as good as new! Then again, there's a possibility it'll make you miss bikini season even more — we didn't really think of it that way until just now! Oh well, we know you guys will still appreciate the effort no matter what! Who has time to nitpick in the face of such beauty?

There's a few familiar faces in the bunch like WWE's Summer Rae, but there's always some newbies that we know you guys are going to love! As we said earlier, we're not just going to leave you hanging with a video. The gallery below features a whole new set of sizzling snaps to enjoy! Sit back, relax, enjoy, and of course, stay warm, gents!

Lead Image Via Getty

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