Sana Lantana On Her Biggest Turn Ons, Perfect Date And What All Men Need To Remember

Guys, introduce yourself to Russian bombshell Sana Lantana, a hot Instagram model who is taking the industry by storm thanks to her good looks, energy, smarts and flirtatious personality. After starting out modeling for various beauty brands to get her start, Sana has suddenly found herself on magazine covers from different continents all around the world, traveling to exotic places to pose all sexy for the camera.

With Sana Lantana gaining so much attention lately, it's not too surprising that her hot Instagram account has surpassed over 219,000 followers — and counting! With looks that intimidate even the most self-assure man, Sana knows that she has the pick of the litter when it comes to choosing who she wants to spend her time with and get close to.


For some reason, Sana actually gave us some attention, talking with us about her biggest turn ons, describing her perfect date and the one thing that all thing men need to remember when it comes to women. As if you didn't already know, we listened carefully and took in-depth notes, because, c'mon, what man wouldn't want dating tips from a woman as gorgeous as Sana?

FHM: Can You Tell Us About Your Modeling Career?

Sana Lantana: "I started as a commercial model and mainly did works for hair, apparel and beauty products. Then, after a few years, I transitioned into swimsuit and glamour modeling full-time; which I absolutely love. At this point in my career, I’ve even been on some big-time magazine covers and have traveled the world doing what I love. I am so grateful for that."

FHM: You've Got Quite The Instagram Account, Any Weird Stories Or Messages A Guy Has Sent You On Social Media?

Sana Lantana: "I’ve gotten some pretty strange messages, you can use your imagination. Most of them are not sexy at all, actually. Sometimes, guys just show way too much."

FHM: What’s One Thing Men Should Always Remember About Women?

Sana Lantana: "I think men should remember to always treat women with kindness and respect. Don’t take her kindness for granted, either. Mutual respect is key."

FHM: What Turns You On The Most?

Sana Lantana: "It always comes down to the way a guy treats me. If he is kind and loving, that turns me on the most."

FHM: Describe Your Perfect Date?

Sana Lantana: "Perfect is a bit boring, dates are always better if it's a surprise or something new! I’m open to anything with a man when I like him."

FHM: If We Took You Out On A Date, Where Are We Going?

Sana Lantana: "Perhaps we could go on a hike or some activity like surfing or swimming, and then grab an amazing meal by the ocean."

FHM: What Does A Man Have To Do To Win Over Your Heart?

Sana Lantana: "It's all about chemistry for me. But he has to be fun and adventurous and strong."

FHM: How Do You Let A Man Know That You're Interested?

Sana Lantana: "I get that spark in my eyes and it shows."

FHM: When Do You Feel The Most Sexy?

Sana Lantana: "I feel sexy the most when I’m happy and I feel the energy of a man I like."

FHM: What's Your Best Asset?

Sana Lantana: "Oh, it’s so hard to choose just one, as I have so many! I'm kidding, guys."

FHM: What Do You Like About Your Best Asset?

Sana Lantana: "I think it's, again, my energy and vibe. I smile and dance and I’m generally happy. I would say my positive outlook on life is my best asset, but I also know guys really like my butt."

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