Actress Sarah Hyland Instagrammed From The Tub And The Pics Are Hot, Hot, Hot

We all know that actress Sarah Hyland is one of the sexiest women in the world — after all, we listed her as No. 58 on our 2017 list. But, if you thought that the perky, bubbly, gorgeous brunette was just the girl next door, think again. That's because Sarah proved she has raw sex appeal oozing from her pores after posting some hot Instagram pics from her bathtub for her more than 5.5 million followers to see.

Anyway, the 27-year-old clearly knows what it takes to get attention. And, as if we didn't already know that from following her hot Instagram account already and seeing her on TV shows like Modern Family, among others, Sarah Hyland just wanted to make sure we knew in a big way that she's a near-perfect 10! And, well, success, Sarah!


Now, we're not sure what's in the water on the Modern Family set, but, whatever it is, it leads to some really sexy things. For instance, it's well-documented all of the hot Instagram things that Sarah's co-star on the show, Ariel Winter, does, as she often posts things that melt the Internet. Not to mention the other sexy ladies on the show like actresses Sophia Vergara and Julie Bowen, who are both incredibly gorgeous, too! In fact, we're going to pronounce Modern Family as the TV show with the sexiest females on it, because, well, see the examples above.

More than that, why don't you just go do yourself a favor and binge-watch a bunch of Modern Family episodes over the next couple days and reintroduce yourself to the lovely females on the show, who will both make you laugh and steal your heart. But, before you go get cozy on the couch, go ahead and check out these hot Instagram pics from Sarah Hyland and see why she's going to forever be one of our all-time biggest crushes.

Lead image via Getty.

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