Zita Vass Talks Guilty Pleasures, Pick-Up Lines And Why Dating Someone From Instagram Is OK

We've talked plenty about a number of hot Instagram accounts out there, but actress and model Zita Vass has one that personifies both beauty and fun, with the brunette stunner showcasing the talents that helped her break into the industry in the first place. Ironically enough, Zita's story on becoming a model is one of sheer luck, as she was discovered at just age 14 by a modeling agency while eating a burger at In – N- Out in San Diego. Talk about right place, right time!

Since getting her start as a model, Zita Vass has risen up to the mainstream, featured with brands such as Guess in numerous campaigns, along with walking the runway for companies like BeBe and other brands in Couture fashion week NYC. Needless to say, she's more than a gal with a just some hot Instagram pictures.


Moving from modeling into acting, you might recognized Zita from her appearances in shows like Two and a Half Men, Californication and on Nickelodeon’s sitcom, Big Time Rush, among others. With a few other titles either in post-production or upcoming, Zita Vass is a force to be reckoned with in two different industries, so be ready for her, boys.

Even with all that she has going on, we were able to catch up with Zita to talk about a few different things, like dating, guilty pleasures and what's next for her. The best part, though? How about the fact that she's totally cool with dating a guy she met in Instagram? Hey, turns out there's actually hope for us all!

FHM: What're The Best And Worst Things About Being A Model?

Zita Vass: "The best part is I have the privilege to travel the world and meet some amazing people. The worst part is the dietary restrictions. Sadly, the industry isn’t kind to in-between size models; aside from Guess?, which is the company that changed my life, along with Sports Illustrated.

FHM: Of You Weren't A Model, What Would You Be Doing?

Zita Vass: "Five years ago, I would have said I’d be a rockstar, but now it would be traveling the world researching beauty and health remedies to undo all the damage of my rockstar days; which I would later apply to my future detox/beauty spa."

FHM: What Moments Make You Feel The Absolute Sexiest?

Zita Vass: "l feel the sexiest when I accomplish the goals that I set out for myself."

FHM: What Do You Do To Relax?

Zita Vass: "I take relaxation very seriously. There's always a bubble bath and some tequila or rosé involved. Epsom salts. Healthy juices to counteract the first beverage, and, of course, a massage. I also love a stretch lab in West Hollywood. I just lay there like a sloth and they do all the work for me. Then I hit the infared sauna next door, then go back home, order some food and snuggle with my fluffy white cat, Ruby."

FHM: What's Your Guiltiest Pleasure?

Zita Vass: "Guiltiest pleasure is taquitos from the one and only Pinches Tacos. So. Good."

FHM: What Things Can A Man Do To Make Himself Stand Out?

Zita Vass: "It’s so cliche, but flowers! I’m such a sucker for them and they make me so happy."

FHM: If FHM Landed A Date With You, Where Should We Take You?

Zita Vass: "If FHM wanted to take me on a date, surfing and margaritas would do just fine. Or, show me your favorite food place; I love food and trying new things!"

FHM: Have You Ever Met A Guy On Instagram?

Zita Vass: "Of course I’ve met people off Instagram. Why not? Life is short, so get with the times, people!"

FHM: What’s The Worst Pick-Up Line You've Ever Heard?

Zita Vass: "Worst pick up line ever... 'I’m a Scorpio, lucky you!' I mean, try a little!"

FHM: Any Advice To Guys Who Want To Talk To You?

Zita Vass: "Just make an effort and show that you care. Demonstrate patience and be confident. I’m not playing hard to get, but I don’t give in easy, either."

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