From Thigh Highs To Short Skirts, Guys Reveal The Hottest Outfits Women Can Wear

Of course, lingerie will forever be a favorite ensemble among red blooded men everywhere — not to wear themselves, but, you know to look at women wearing. The problem is, it's not like women can just walk around wearing lingerie! Hell, we wouldn't mind, but it's not common. That being said, there are plenty of other non-lingerie hot outfits that the ladies can wear and we decided to get the male perspective on the matter to see what the favorite was!

Reddit user, wish-my-wash posed the following heated (in the best way) question and we've gotta say, we're glad he did. If there's anything we love talking about it's women's fashion — well, to a degree.


Have we peaked your interest yet? We sure hope so! Remember, if you've got any differing opinions on what's below, feel free to throw some suggestions in the comment section on our Facebook page. We're always open to chatting with the concerned men out there trying to make a difference...or you know, occupy their time talking about hot women.

"What's the sexiest non-lingerie item of clothing a woman can wear?"

Let's hop to it, boys! Time to expand the style horizons ...

Heaven Is A Place On Earth

"Oh God, a sundress is pure heaven."

Yes, Please

"Stockings or knee socks."

Bring On The Snow

"Black tights and a skirt or dress. I'm very much looking forward to winter."


All About Balance

"I want a girl with a short skirt and a long jacket."

Risky Business, Anyone?

"A mans shirt, preferably my shirt while also not wearing pants."

We'll Allow It

"Are glasses considered a clothing? Definitely sexy glasses."


Girl Power!

"Victoria Beckham in Spice Girls days, yeh?"


"Honestly, moderately baggy clothes. When certain areas are cupped by clothing just enough to give me the basic idea it arouses me way more than wearing super tight clothing that shows off everything."


"Yoga Pants!"


Business Sexy

"Depends on the woman but a white blouse, grey pencil skirt and heels is always going to peak my interest."

Ticket To Montreal, S'il Vous Plait

"Ever been to Montreal? I went there for a bachelor party and I swear the whole city was filled with a million women with the best backsides ever, all in pencil skirts."

Casual Sexy

"Baseball cap with a ponytail."


To read the full thread, head on over to Reddit for more high-priority discussion on the sexiest things a lady can wear.

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