Hot Real Estate Agent Arrested After Having Sex In A House She Just Sold (Yep, That Happened)

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Some real estate agents go the extra mile to make sure that their clients either buy or sell a house as quick as possible, doing anything they can to get the best price imaginable. Unfortunately, an agent from Texas named Kayla Marisa Seloff went a little too far in her "work."

According to Houston's local ABC News, cops got a call about a light being on what was thought to be a vacant house, walking into a scene that seemed more appropriate for a cheap porno than some neighborhood in Texas.

The man and woman hid as officers entered the home through the unlocked front door. Kayla Marisa Seloff, 22, of Houston, claimed she and Joshua Gene Leal, 27, of Friendswood, were married and had just purchased the residence the day prior. Seloff and Leal were escorted to their car to retrieve their identification; but as soon as Seloff opened the car door, police say the smell of marijuana was detected and a glass pipe was observed on the dashboard.

The officer collected the pipe and reportedly found a pouch with additional drug paraphernalia and a small baggie of marijuana. Police say Seloff claimed ownership of the marijuana and paraphernalia. She also revealed that she was actually the real estate agent for the home, not the new homeowner. In fact, she had just sold the home and the new homeowner closed on the house the day prior.

Both Kayla and her banging partner were charged with criminal trespass since they didn't have permission to be in the house, with a bond set at $1,000. Maybe next time they should just do it in a grungy hotel to avoid the trouble?