Hot Toddy, And 7 Other Cold Weather Cocktails To Warm Your Ass Up This Winter

There are two schools of thought when it comes to cold weather cocktails. You can take a classic approach with, say, a hot toddy recipe, or you can take a completely over the top, "WTF is that person drinking with all the marshmallows and chocolate sauce?" route. For the purposes of this article (and our taste buds) we decided to live somewhere in the middle. We'll be including a hot toddy recipe, because, frankly, they're delicious, but we'll also be highlighting some other options perfect for Wintertime.

Now, to clarify, just because it's a cold weather cocktail, doesn't mean it has to be warm. Certain flavors exude Winter the same way that temperature does. Even better, the stronger the drink, the warmer you'll get! Booze is nothing if not fantastic at turning up the heat. So, stay tuned for the gallery below, and remember to always drink responsibly (meaning not when you're skiing, snowboarding, or building a snowman with your kids, OK?)

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