Hot TV Host Gets Butt Massaged While The Camera's Running And It's Mesmerizing To Stare At

Image via Break

Being on live TV can be a challenge, with just one slip of the tongue or accidental wardrobe malfunction capable of becoming the biggest viral video on the Internet that next day. For that reason, we always salute those people who can record something on camera without ever making a big-time mistake.

One of those ladies may or may not be this hot reporter, who actually got a massage while on air, giving her viewers more than just a nip slip or something.

I have no idea who this is or what show had the brilliant idea of broadcasting a sexy woman getting her butt rubbed down on live TV, but it had to cause quite the uptick in ratings, if I could guess.

There are a lot of people who hold themselves back from doing things like this, we're glad to see this lady wasn't one of them.


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