Hot Wife Catches Her Husband In An Affair With A 17-Year-Old Student In The Couple's Bed

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Here's your sad and unfortunate story for the day, as a 28-year-old woman named Cerys Shore discovered that her husband of just one year, 30-year-old Richard Shore, had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student at the school he worked at—and he was doing so in the couple's bedroom!

Per The Sun:

The Computer Sciences master at Radyr Comprehensive School in Cardiff had previously denied to police he had been involved with the sixth-former. But his 28-year-old wife gave evidence to a disciplinary hearing about when he admitted having sex with the teenager.

The hearing was told IT teacher Shore – married for just a year – took her to their marital home for sex “five or six” times while his wife was out at work for the BBC.

Presenting officer Carys Williams told the hearing: “When they returned from the trip to California their contact escalated by way of texts and it led to a full romantic and intimate relationship.

“It was clearly an inappropriate relationship and it is clear that the actions of Mr. Shore were sexually motivated. His conduct constituted unacceptable professional conduct.”

According to the report from The Sun, the teacher and student sparked a flame while on a school trip to the United States, initially spending time together to run and expediting things from there by texting one another, becoming sexual once they returned home.

Richard's wife, Cerys, had told investigators that the two were experiencing "difficulties" after he admitted to her about having sex with the student, and that she had accepted that her husband told he student he loved her on occasion.

And making this story even more fucked up is the fact that, per The Sun, the girl said that "sex took place at his house and her mom's house," which is so weird.

Richard Shore was first suspended from his teaching position, but later resigned.

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