Study Reveals The World's Sexiest Accents (And We Tend To Agree With The Results)

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Whether it's the sexiest women in the world or the sexiest accents in the world, we just genuinely enjoy talking about all things sexy! What can we say? Some people are good with numbers, others chase after more creative pursuits. We're the latter. That's why when we came across this research, we just knew we had to share it with y'all. It's one of those surveys that benefits on multiple levels. Not only will you discover the sexiest accents in women, but in men too. Confused? Let us clear it up: knowing what accents women find most attractive is worth keeping in your back pocket. There's all sorts of acting classes out there that'll have you sounding like David Beckham in no time flat!

MissTravel.com, a website that connects adventurous people with a passion for travel and new experiences, surveyed members in the U.S. to find which accent they found most attractive. The popular dating site boasts more than 800,000 members worldwide, in over 135 countries — meaning if there's one site that represents cultural diversity, it's this one! MissTravel.com released the following list of sexiest accents, according to members of the site.

Sexiest Accents for Men (According to 1,423 American Women)

  1. British - 288 - 20.24%

  2. Scottish - 262 - 18.41%

  3. Spanish - 203 - 14.27%

  4. Australian - 182 - 12.79%

  5. Southern - 128 - 9.00%

  6. Other - 360 - 25.30%

Sexiest Accents for Women (According to 1,164 American Men)

  1. Israeli - 228- 19.59%

  2. Colombian - 212 - 18.21%

  3. Australian - 186 - 15.98%

  4. French - 163 - 14.00%

  5. Southern - 118 - 10.14%

  6. Other - 257 - 22.08%

We're actually very surprised to see Scottish accents ranking so high on the sexiest accents for men. Wasn't Fat Bastard from Austin Powers Scottish? He didn't sound all that suave, but who knows, maybe that wasn't exactly accurate. Anyway, we're obviously more focused on the women. We definitely tend to agree with Israeli and Colombian — Gal Gadot and Sofia Vergara, anyone? As per Brandon Wade, CEO and founder of MissTravel.com:

“Accents have a tendency of taking our minds to unknown, and exotic places, adding a touch of mystery and intrigue to the speaker. As Americans we often associate British accents with intelligence and class, both desirable qualities for a mate. While Israeli accents conjure up images of the Mediterranean."

Makes sense! We will say that we're surprised Italian didn't find its way to either list! Isn't that one of the major romance languages? Oh well, we'll focus on what we've got in front of us. That's plenty to keep us busy through the new year!

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