Take Notes, Guys: These Are The Top-10 Sexiest Colleges In America (According To Research)

For those of you reading along, if you've outgrown being concerned with the hottest colleges in America, we apologize. We hate to admit it ourselves, but we aged out of the 18-24 undergrad checkbox quite some time ago. That being said, there's nothing wrong with getting nostalgic every once in awhile and hell, you're never too old to go back to school, right? The value of a good education transcends age! So, c'mon, just let us old dudes have this one. Moving on, a dating app called The League went ahead and put together a compiled info on the most right-swiped schools, to make a list of the top 50 hottest. In true collegiate spirit, we're providing "The ClifsNotes" version with the top 10.

In case you guys are unaware of what the popular dating app, The League is all about, no worries! We'll school you on the details right now. Simply put, The League is sort of the anti-Tinder. How, you ask? Well, The League is all about high-standards, where as Tinder is about, erm, no standards. No offense to anyone who uses Tinder, it's just there's not exactly a strict vetting process. Anyone can sign up! With The League, you have to apply and be accepted. Amanda Bradford, founder and CEO of The League explains:

"The women in The League have consciously prioritized their education and career trajectory: 98% have college degrees, 8% are pHDs, 30% have advanced degrees, 14% are director-level or higher, 21% are managers, 13% are CEOs, founders, co-founders or owners, and over 39% are estimated to be making six figure salaries. And this is all with an average (and median) female age of 29."

See what we're saying? It's not your average hit it and quit it rodeo (and thank God for that). Dating culture is BS enough without these half-assed apps full of people just looking to get their creep on.

It may seem elitist, but frankly speaking, if you're looking to meet quality women (and men alike) The League seems like a refreshingly safe bet. That's why, the schools that rank in the top 10 aren't just about the physical, they're ranked by success too (and yep, we find that sexy).

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