13 Hottest Sports Wives to Make You Wish You Didn't Quit the Little League

Sure, they might get all the glory, the press, and the fans, but behind every great athlete is a strong, supportive wife — and oh yeah, and they're normally pretty attractive, too. After all, that's sort of the trademark of every proud WAG. And now that Instagram and Snapchat are making hot people business commodities, these sports wives are turning their moments in the spotlight into viable careers.

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However, there are downsides to the WAG life and all the stereotypes that come with it. For example, Abigail Clancy, who's married to English soccer player Peter Crouch, has even spoken out about how being the wife of a famous sports star is greatly exaggerated. She admitted back in 2007, that being the hottie in the bleachers isn't all fake tans and expensive clothes, and the idea of it is a bit of "a joke" to her.

"I don’t think of myself as a WAG, although obviously, I go out with a footballer so I’m labeled one," she told Mirror. "But it’s the people who read about it who are obsessed with the WAG thing, not the girls who go out with the players. It’s a bit of a joke to us."

Plus, not all WAGS leech off of their husband's careers either. There are many famous sports wives who were famous long before they started shacking up with football players. Both Irina Shayk and Adriana Lima are former wives and girlfriends of athletes, but both were already international superstars with huge followings long before being saddled with a WAG title — and the same thing goes for others, too.

Check out the gallery below to see the hottest famous (and not-quite as famous) wives of athletes.