Football Player Lowers The Boom On Opponent, Pretty Much Decapitates The Poor Soul

Image via Instagram/HouseOfHighlights

Look, I'm a mere 5'9" and weigh about 155 pounds, so to think that I could ever survive playing the sport of football is just insane. That's probably why my parents never agreed to sign the permission slip when I was younger and decided to get me into soccer instead. Then again, maybe ol' mom and dad knew something most people didn't back then — that football players these days would be bigger, stronger and faster than ever, even those on the high school level.

While we see big-time hits on a regular basis in the NFL and in college football every weekend, high schoolers are proving that they're every bit as ruthless, slobber-knocking the sh-t out of each other like absolute savages. Need an example? Just look at this recent, near-decapitation of a player when a running back lowered his shoulder and knocked the poor guy's helmet off, which was posted to the House of Highlights Instagram account the other day.

F'in A, guys. What the hell does this running back eat for breakfast, 'cause players his size should not be able to do that to another human being — especially at his age. Hell, ol' boy basically took out two guys at once! That's impressive.

It doesn't appear as if the player who got his helmet (and, nearly, his head), knocked off sustained anything more than a bruised ego. But, oh, who am I kidding? There's no way in sh-t that defender's head isn't ringing today after getting his bell rung. I'm not calling it a full-blown concussion, but when another dude runs full speed and delivers a blow like this, there's more than just Tylenol needed to help recover.

With demolishing hits like this now the norm in football on all levels, here's to my parents for never signing that waiver and getting me into the sport — otherwise, it may have been a damn death wish given my size and, uh, lack of athleticism.

Lead Image via Instagram/HouseOfHighlights

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