How Did Life Begin On Earth? Science Might Have Just Cracked The Case

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If you're anything like us, questions like "how did life begin on Earth?" are enough to keep you awake at night. Well, that and "how the hell is Donald Trump still president?", but let's not stray too far off topic, yeah? These sort of existential moments are pretty common (especially when you've smoked a crap ton of weed). Simply put, humans have a natural proclivity for trying to figure out why the hell we landed on this fair planet, you know? It's not like any of us asked for this.

People who get paid for this proclivity are called scientists and it's their job to figure out the stuff we're all too lazy (or unintelligent) to handle. Turns out, they may have done just that and not to be ungrateful or anything, but the Earth is pretty darn old. You'd think these guys could have figured how life began a little sooner, no? Again, we're not complaining. Just an observation!

Chemists of The Scripps Research Institute made an impressive new discovery published in the science journal, Nature. According to BGR:

"The study answers one of the most puzzling questions that scientists have had regarding the formation of the basic building blocks of living cells. Put simply, scientists have long thought that the origins of life would require three specific things: nucleosides to form RNA, fatty acids that provide the structure of cells, and amino acids which do the heavy lifting work for living cells. However, for those three things to exist, researchers believed a chemical reaction known as phosphorylation would have to take place, and they didn’t know of any compound that could have existed on early Earth to perform that crucial duty. The chemists from Scripps discovered just that, and demonstrated that diamidophosphate (called DAP for short) is both capable and may well have been present when it was needed."

We know that was a whole lot to process, so let's go ahead and try making that a wee-bit more digestible, yeah? In layman's terms, scientists discovered something they previously thought didn't exist (DAP). The discovery of DAP is what concluded (potentially) how life began. Make sense? That's about the best we can do with all this scientific-jargon. Perhaps that's why when science actually makes a decent discovery it doesn't get a lot of press. Nowadays people want to read what they can easily understand...like how much money The Kardashians make, sigh.

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