This Is How Long Drugs Like Alcohol, Marijuana And Cocaine Stay In Your Body After Using Them

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We all know that, after a hard night of partying, our bodies feel like complete hell, with our brains fried, our eyelids struggling to stay open and our heads throbbing. That's what boozing and partaking in drugs can do to a person, leaving them burnt out and exhausted.

For those who think that a day or two is necessary in order to sleep off the lingering effects of a crazy night out, don't be so sure, because a chart from Business Insider shows exactly how long drugs like alcohol, cannabis, cocaine and LSD, among others, really stay in your body.

As the chart shows, LSD, somewhat surprisingly, disappears the fastest of any recreational drug, with cannabis staying around the longest, with traces being found in blood for 14 days, urine for 30 days and, like all the other drugs, in your hair for 90 days.

Just some useful information to have to understand the impact some of these drugs have on the human body—as well as for those who might be drug tested at work or something.

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