The Amount Of Exercise It Takes To Burn Off Pizza, Chocolate, And Other Delicious Snacks Is Depressing AF

Image Via Daily Mirror

Life is all about moderation, my friends. If you eat a burger for lunch on Monday, trying eating a salad for lunch on Tuesday. That simple, right? Eh, not always. As we get older, our metabolisms start to slow down (you know, because age is a cruel mistress) so sometimes it's not as simple as it once had been. Depressing, I know.

Fortunately, charts like the following exist so that, at the very least, you can be aware of the havoc your wrecking on your bod by eating that personal pepperoni pizza in bed after a long day at work (sitting with zero physical activity).

This infographic by the UK's Royal Society for Public Health lays it out pretty simply:

A few highlights just to really drive the point home—

I won't even mention the fact soda is on this chart. Frankly, diet soda exists for a reason. Sure, it'll give you cancer or cause you to mutate within 10-years, but you'll be thin! Think of all the skinny jeans—I'm entirely joking. Being skinny isn't the goal, being healthy is and now you have just the sadistic tool to do it. Maybe print this out and put it on your fridge, next to a bottle of vodka (not featured on the list—boo-yah!)


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