How Clean Is "Too Clean"? Science Explains How Many Showers You Should Take Daily

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If you've ever wondered how many times a day you should shower, you've come to the right place. It's one of those hygiene questions that everyone has a different opinion on, yet, no one bothers to seek out actual medical advice. Some people, especially those with unruly hair, will shower daily, but not wash their mane. Others insist that a good face wash with a little deodorant will do just fine — if you're in this group, gross. Turns out, there's a universal shower-specific number that everyone should follow and choosing to ignore it could result in some serious health consequences.

Similarly to how over-washing hair strips it of its natural oils, the same goes for the body. Business Insider explains, "The microbiome is the collection of bacteria, archeae, viruses, and other microbes that live in and on your body. We know that these little foreign critters are deeply important to your health. Without them, your immune system, digestion, and even your heart would lose function or fail entirely." Ultimately, there's evidence to suggest that showering too often depletes the microbiome.

This isn't to say that you should give up showering entirely, but, once a day is certainly enough. If you can get away with it (meaning you aren't particularly oily/greasy) every other day is suitable as well. It's all very dependent on your skin type and natural odor. For example, some people smell rank after a single workout, while others don't.

These very specific, individual variables are a large reason that science can't definitively conclude a single theory about showering. Our advice? Listen to you body! If you find that the more you shower, the worse your skin becomes, lessen your routine. Additionally, showering is primary to Western culture, there are plenty of ways to clean yourself outside of that. Maybe try a little sponge bath action and see how you smell afterward. Better yet, have someone give you a sponge bath. Now that's the ideal.


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