The Differences Between How Men And Women Spend Their Paychecks Defy All Stereotypes, Per Study

We've all heard the stereotypes before — men aren't great with money, women only buy shoes. It's exhausting and frankly, no longer applicable. It's 2018, and while the pay rate may not be as equal as we'd like (for the sake of women), the spending is a lot more progressive than you'd think. Credit Loan interviewed 1,000 employed Americans to determine where people's paychecks are going, specifically if it's weekly or bi-weekly.

Surprisingly enough, while the purchases are pretty cliched, the time in which men and women blow through their money is not. As you'll come to find out in the infographic below, men are a lot more cautious with their funds than previously believed. This isn't to say that one gender is better with money than the other, but, at the very least, we can confirm that a husband handling the family checkbook wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

Credit Loan explains that regardless of how often they were paid, women take less than men, on average, to spend their paychecks, even though they allocate less money for "irresponsible" purchases. That's pretty interesting. Generally (and stereotypically) speaking, men are known to be less consciousness spenders.

The study further explains that women who are paid once a month said the money had usually been spent within 20 days, two days faster than their male counterparts. Those women who are paid twice a month said it only took 11 days to spend it, six days sooner than men paid on the same cycle. Pretty telling stuff, y'all. Our advice? Save your money, to a point. Spend your money, to a point. At the end of the day, you can't get buried with it.

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