How Not To Shave Your Beard

Sure, the way you're shaving right now is probably fine. But it'll only ever be fine until you turn it around and start doing it the proper way.

The time is now, thanks to these tips from The Daimon Barber on how to fix where you're going wrong.

Shaving Isn't Rocket Science

"However, their are proper ways to shave. A lot of men complain of skin irritation, dryness, break-outs, in-grown hairs and more. Mostly, this is down to either poor technique or preparation combined with the wrong products and kit.

There Are Universal Mistakes You're Inevitably Making

"The most common mistakes are using poor quality blades, shaving against the grain, not using a proper lather, not moisturizing and rushing the whole process.

Don't Use A Cheap Kit

"I always recommend investing in a straight-razor for the best shave. Although tricky to master at first, once you learn how to use one, you will feel the benefits immediately. A proper badger hair brush will do you a world of good, as will a good quality shaving creme/soap.

Don't Forget To Hydrate

"A pre-shave oil is always helpful, along with some decent moisturizer or post shave balm to lock in that moisture and leave your skin hydrated.

Don't Ignore Hair Conditioning, Too

"Always condition your stubble/beard as you would with your hair, as facial hair tends to get dry quickly. You can also use a regular facial moisturizer too, which will require a little more working in perhaps.

Pay Attention To The Shape Of Your Face

"It's good to keep on top of the areas around the neck, cheekbones, mustache and in front of the ears to keep it looking tidy. You can wet shave these areas for the cleanest look, but I always recommend keeping as natural as possible and adhering to the natural growth lines on your face. If this is too much effort however, you can use a precise trimmer/detailer to create the outline and finish with an extra close foil-shaver to tidy the tiny stubble.

Want Stubble? Pay Extra Close Attention To What You're Doing

"You can use a clipper on very short stubble to keep it all down to one length, but as soon as it's longer than about a grade 2/3 this method will become awkward due to the contours of the face. If you run a clipper over your facial features at this length, the beard will look irregular and won't compliment your face shape. The best way to keep it in shape is to use a good comb and some scissors or a trimmer to create and sculpt the desired shape.

Whatever You Do, Don't Be Lazy

"Your skin is very important, and if you learn how to look after it, you will look better for much longer."

Lead Image Via Rex Features