Women Reveal How Often They 'Pleasure Themselves' And Move Over, Boys! They've Got You Beat

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Masturbation is a term commonly associated with men. Well, actually, to be fair, masturbation is a term commonly associated with 16-year-old boys clogging up their laundry baskets with sticky hand towels but I didn't really want to get that technical—oh, well!

Turns out, all of those masturbatory conceptions we're one big farce! It may appear to a boy's game, but as with most things in life, the ladies have got you beat.

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The Daily Star recently conducted an anonymous online survey of 1,000 women asking them point blank, "How often do you masturbate?" Talk about cutting straight to the chase, huh? The results we're pretty, uh, revealing, to say the least! Women really are exceptional at multi-tasking/scheduling!

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"The majority of the women (32%) said they masturbated every day without fail. Coming in a close second, 31% of women said they masturbated a few times a week and 15% said they masturbated once-per-week. Surprisingly, 14% of women admitted they never masturbated, and 8% said they do it once per month."

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Now again, we're talking about WOMEN vs. MEN, not WOMEN vs. BOYS. In that capacity, I'd venture to say that if women aren't entirely out-masturbating dudes, they're damn near close. Technically I could very well research how often men of a certain masturbate on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, but I try to keep my mental clean and pretty, and grown men diddling themselves doesn't exactly fit the bill—sorry, just trying to keep it real!

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To read the full survey, head HERE