Women Reveal How They Want Men To Approach Them In Public (So Stop Being So Awkward, Guys)

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We'll be the first ones to admit that learning how to approach women in public is, well, painful (to say the least). You never really know how you're going to come off — are you being too bold? Too shy? Too creepy? Do you smell? Are other people staring? We get it! Here's the thing though, this doesn't mean you should resort to only meeting women online, it simply means you should learn what the hell you're doing.

We promise that despite all your best efforts and pseduo-machismo, there's a solid chance that women find you creepy. You can walk around like the most confident dude on the planet, but unless you consult actual women on these matters...you're up sh*t's creek, guys. Problem is, the women in your life are likely afraid of hurting your fragile masculinity..so they lie and say you're great (when you're clearly not great).

That's why when we came across this question posed by Reddit user, sgulled840, we knew we had to share it with y'all. Totally anonymous feedback is the gift that just keeps on giving (without needing any prescription strength creams).

"Women of Reddit how should a stranger approach you if they find you attractive?"


The Perfect Approach

"The absolute best pick-up line I'd ever received was a guy who walked up next to me as I was examining a pet shop window. He smiled and said hello, introduced himself, and said he'd seen me walking by occasionally and thought I looked lovely, and would I ever want to get a cup of coffee? It was honest, friendly, and didn't waste anyone's time trying to awkwardly "chat me up". I wasn't single and told him that I was incredibly flattered but wasn't available to see anyone, and the very best part is that he didn't get angry or upset, he just laughed and said 'okay, well I hope you have a great day!' and waved goodbye. I don't know where that guy is but I hope he is married to the woman of his dreams now, 'cause he was awesome."

Follow Instructions Carefully

"Don't hit on me at work. Don't hit on me if I'm planted somewhere (like clearly working on something in a coffee shop) if you're not planning on immediately bouncing. Don't argue with me if I say, 'no thanks'. Don't approach me if I am mid-conversation with someone. Don't approach me if I am a captive audience — like on a bus or in a line up with you."


Smooth Move

"I was at a coffee shop, and a guy was kind of looking at me, I noticed. As he was leaving the place later, he placed a napkin on my table that he had written a note on. It said something like, 'Hi, my name is (so and so) and I'm here at this time every Tuesday and Thursday. Maybe we could meet up sometime. I could buy you a cup of coffee. Here's my number if you'd like to arrange it. If I am overstepping here, I apologize.' It was cute and romantic and non-obtrusive. Hand Written Notes are Adorable."

Keep Your Hands To Yourself

"Talk to me like a normal human being and don't immediately try to touch me. If you immediately try to touch me and you're a stranger I'm 100% going to tell you to f*ck off."


The Not-So Holy Trinity

"Women typically like a nice approach that's NOT creepy, needy, or desperate. They just won't say that too openly, because then it'll be every idiot out there who thinks they're being nice, but is actually creepy or perverted as hell thinking they're being nice trying to approach them."

Get To The Point, Pal

"Cut to the chase. 'Hi! I'm sorry to interrupt but I think you're really cute. Do you want to go for a beer some time?' There is nothing worse than strangers pretending to start conversations about the weather, and I know what they're there for, but I have to be noncommittally polite until they ask if I have a boyfriend. So just lay it out straight away: it's honest, it's confident and self assured — always attractive — and it means you don't waste 5 minutes listening to me going 'huh' and 'yeah' and wishing you would go away if I'm not interested."


Compliments = Major Key

"Keep it casual and genuinely friendly. A compliment is a great ice breaker! No, not how nice her tits are. Something (ideally) about an aspect of her that was her choosing. For instance, I get compliments on my eyes all the time. Well, then I'm left with not much to say in return because I have nothing to do with my eye color. But, if you say my hair is in a cool style or you like the t-shirt I'm wearing then that's something that I have control over and I'll be way more likely to segue into a conversation. Just don't be creepy and leave it with a friendly 'have a good one' if she doesn't act interested."

To read the full thread, head on over to Reddit for more tips on how to pick up women in public (without looking like an actual serial killer).

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