Model Vendella Sonia Tells Men How To Avoid Becoming The Typical Douchebag

Like most women out there, I've encountered my fair share of the typical DB's—otherwise known as the the douchebag.

These mystify creatures actually assume that women enjoy the sort of shady sh-t that they exhibit, like "sliding into DMs", secretly messaging other women, or worse, even cheating and lying to boost their enormous ego.

It's not some grand achievement to get treated like crap, so don't be proud of your bogus ways, men who do this stuff.

The DB often assumes that the worse they treat a woman, the more control they have. This tactic only works with women of low self worth and poor self-esteem. Sadly, most women have all found ourselves victim to the DB game.

Since that's the case, here are some basic pointers on how you guys can avoid becoming the hated douchebag.

You've Got A Girlfriend/Wife: Don't message random girls online. No Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or whatever. Appreciate what you've got at home and, if you're not into her anymore, be a man and break-up first.

Don't Try And Hide Your Dirt: You really think your girl won't find out about you texting other girls in your phone saved with fake names? We will find out, then you will look like more of a DB than before.

Be Proud Of Your Relationship: If you have a girlfriend or wife, post photos with them on social media! It's so simple, yet, some shady men, refuse to post pics and show their ladies with pride. Chances are, he's just trying to keep you a secret and appear to be single.

Always Tell The Truth: Sure, it's an old and simple fact, but the truth will set you free, so just be honest to your lady so you save yourself some time and embarrassment.

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