How To Avoid Being A Creep, According To Science (Because Real Life Isn't A Radiohead Song)

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Being a creep is not exclusive to a certain gender. Men can be creeps, women can be creeps, hell, I know a few creepy cats now that I come to think of it. The fact remains, that it's not something anyone would wish to be described as and thusly, it's best to nip the behavior in bud before it gets out of hand—by out of hand, I mean, you develop a reputation and remain dateless and alone forever.

Now, we've done our fair share to offer our best advice when it comes to hitting on women—even I, an actual woman, have lent a helping hand to the lonely internet masses, however, sometimes it's necessary to bring in the big guns—you know, people with actual academic credentials. That's where Frank T. McAndrew Ph.D., the Cornelia H. Dudley Professor of Psychology at Knox College and a Fellow of several professional organizations, including the Association for Psychological Science, comes in.

A vast majority of this advice is pulled from the following notion, and once you understand this, it may alleviate some of the trouble you've (presumably) been having picking up women. This excerpt was pulled from The Mating Grounds

"Women’s deepest fear when interacting with a man is that he will kill/hurt her. A man’s deepest fear when interacting with a new woman is that she will sexually humiliate him. Understanding this can help you understand all male/female interactions."

McAndrew has conducted pretty extensive research on the nature of male/female interaction, most specifically, how women interpret these interactions with men. I went ahead and pulled some of the most relevant/intriguing findings from his most recent essay published on Psychology Today:

"Guys can be creepy for a variety of reasons that are unrelated to sexuality, but I propose that a pervert is a creep who sets off alarm bells because he poses some sort of sexual threat. In other words, a pervert has sex on his mind, and it is probably sex that is unusual, deviant, and possibly dangerous. "

"Good looking men with strong social skills can get away with a lot more than awkward guys with unusual and less attractive physical traits."

"Christian Rudder, the founder of the dating site okcupid and the author of Dataclysm, has developed the 'Standard Creepiness Rule' to help men avoid looking like creeps. In short, the rule states that the zone of non-creepiness for relationships is 'half your age plus seven.”

"If you are a man approaching a woman make sure that she feels safe and protected while you are trying to charm her."

To read the full study, head HERE

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