How To Avoid Getting The Flu This Winter

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We're not entirely sure why, but, basically the moment August ends everyone starts running around like madmen trying to figure out how to avoid getting the flu. Funny part is, flu season doesn't technically start until about midwinter (circa right now) through early spring. That means, despite all your best hand sanitizing efforts up until this point, you were fighting a virus that has yet to rear its ugly head — well, until now. It's OK, guys, don't beat yourself up about it. If nothing else, humans have gotten crazy paranoid about illness. Hell, we've seen some folks washing their produce with the same vigor they'd wash a Monster Truck. We get it, germs are bad, but not being informed is worse.

There's all sorts of half-assed remedies that people use to avoid getting the flu — dousing yourself in disinfectant, staying indoors for six months, voodoo magic, the list is endless, really. That said, do the overwhelming amount of information on the Internet, some of these "remedies" and "precautions" are actually causing more harm than good. Today, we're going to tell you how to actually avoid getting the flu without compromising your health and dignity in the process.

Before we let the professionals take over, we do have one small housekeeping thing that especially bothers us — cover your damn mouth when you're sneezing, OK? More over, cover your damn mouth when you're coughing. If you see someone in the office, at church, or in the grocery store not following that advice, pull them aside and embarrass them loudly. Back to the advice:

How To Avoid Getting The Flu

The only way the flu can be contracted is through the eyes, nose, or mouth, per the CDC. So, in that capacity, it's important to take these areas into consideration throughout the day. The CDC has some top notch recommendations and we think you should listening, you know, because their the CD-freakin'-C:

We realize a lot of that seems like common sense, but, hey! Didn't the plague wipe out half of England because nobody bothered to think of sanitation or was it rats? Either way, just because these tips are simple doesn't mean they aren't effective.

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